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BBA is a premiere Metro Detroit hearing center since 2003. We provide many hearing solutions along with diagnostic services.

Birmingham Bloomfield Audiology - Family Care

BBA is your Care Partner involved with the patient’s care by their entire attending healthcare team, including  physicians, nurses, physical therapists, social workers, and more. Attending to the patient’s specific stage in life, we work together to assist the patient and their family.


Birmingham Bloomfield Audiology is hosting a Widex Event on Thursday, June 21st from 9am until 5pm.

This hearing aid is for anyone who wants to forget they need hearing aids! Because WIDEX EVOKE™ never forgets what the user prefers. Whenever you adjust one of your personal hearing aid programs, EVOKE™ intelligently applies your changes to similar types of hearing situations. Automatically.

You’re welcome to stop by anytime and check out the new WIDEX EVOKE™. You can also schedule a free demo (no strings attached!) at 248-203-9760. We hope to see you soon.

Know someone with a hearing aid who finds it hard to describe exactly what’s difficult to hear? The new WIDEX EVOKE™! The world’s first truly smart hearing aid, its interactive options help the user intuitively improve their hearing on the spot. Max convenience. Max results. Plus, EVOKE™ keeps on learning and improving.

Now there’s a hearing aid that keeps learning from you as you use it, so you can hear sound perfectly. WIDEX EVOKE™ intuitively helps you hear well today. And tomorrow, it helps you hear even better. It’s a paradigm shift in hearing technology.


Pediatric Hearing Aids and Audiology

Ability to hear may affect your child’s ability to speak and understand language. Our Audiologists specialize in testing techniques to assess your child’s hearing sensitivity.

Adult Hearings Aids and Audiology

We support hearing at any age, beginning at birth. BBA is dedicated to the hearing healthcare of its patients.

Testing and Services

Using advanced equipemt and technology, our licensed clinical Audiologists provide personalized care and services for all types of hearing challenges.

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