Advanced Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations

It is suggested that you have your hearing tested annually by a certified audiologist.

Our audiologists will give you a complete hearing evaluation and recommend the most appropriate follow up care.

Hearing Aids

Often, hearing loss cannot be medically corrected.  Hearing aids are a possible solution to improve this dilemma.  New technology allows hearing aids to be adjusted for your specific hearing loss to maximize results.  At Birmingham Bloomfield Audiology, it is our philosophy to involve our patients in the decision-making process.

Aural Rehabilitation

Bloomfield Birmingham Audiology offers aural rehabilitation techniques that focus on reducing the difficulties related to hearing loss and listening.  The overall goal is to maximinze communication success in everyday environments and difficult listening situations.

Community Education

The audiologists at Birmingham Bloomfield Audiology are committed to promoting hearing health care in the community.

Please ask us about coming to speak at your organization. We are available to provide:

  • Hearing screenings
  • Presentations
  • Product demonstrations

Pediatric Audiology

In the first few years of life, hearing is a critical part of a child’s learning, social and emotional development. Even a mild or partial hearing loss can affect a child’s ability to speak and understand language.

We take the utmost care to evaluate children’s hearing and provide appropriate follow up recommendations .

Hearing Aid Repair Lab

Our Audiology Assistant can fix most hearing aid repairs in office, while patients wait.

Walk In appointments – Our Audiology Assistant is available Monday through Thursday from 9AM-5PM and Friday 9AM-4PM to assist with minor repairs like hearing aid cleaning, tube changes and maintenance. For programming a hearing aid, an appointment is necessary.

Vestibular Testing

Dizziness or vertigo can be caused by a disturbance in a particular part of the inner ear; the vestibular system.

Cerumen (Wax) Removal

Excessive earwax accumulation may cause hearing loss. Our trained audiologists are competent in removing unnecessary earwax.

Industrial Audiology

BBA is nationally certified through CAOHC to provide:

  • Training
  • Consulting
  • Counseling regarding occupational health policies for hearing conservation programs.

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